Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Family Event at Saturday's Rockport Farmers' Market!

There is something funny going on at this Saturday’s Rockport Farmers Market. In addition to fresh produce, fish, baked goods, tea and flowers, there will be a family comedy show featuring ventriloquist and comedian, Al Getler.
 “Each week we try to have musical entertainment in addition to the options our venders offer,” said Sarah Kelly the farmers market manager. “It was suggested to provide some family entertainment, so Al is the first.”

Al Getler has been performing for audiences as a ventriloquist/comedian since he was twelve-years-old. Since then he has performed on stages and TV all over the country.

“I started out at birthdays parties. My brother used to drive me around. He thought it was dumb until I flashed the cash I had made,” said Getler.

Eventually Getler found himself being asked to expand his show to larger audiences and venues and was booked to perform in resorts and casinos and also carved a niche with corporate audiences. Along the way, he befriended another ventriloquist working to make a name for himself.

“Jeff Dunham is a good friend and became known as Uncle Jeff to my kids. He would occasionally stay with us as he worked the New York City comedy clubs.”

One story from those days appears in Dunham’s autobiography and was a part of a Biography special on Jeff Dunham’s life, “Jeff Dunham, Birth of a Dummy” that has had many airings.

“Jeff and I had a run in with a comedy club manager. It was long before Jeff created Achmed the Dead Terrorist, so he was still fighting for success and ventriloquism had not made its comeback.”
Getler describes his show as completely family friendly with lots of audience participation.

“At the core, I am a family entertainer. I love seeing both kids and their parents laugh together. In the end, everyone walks away from a live show a bit happier,” said Getler.

In addition to performing, you will see Getler behind his wife’s farmers market booth. Nancy Getler owns and operates whoopie pie and cookie company, ‘Cuz It’s Good. See
“Nancy is such a talented baker. I am a bigger man in show business now due to my whoopie pie consumption,” said Getler.
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