Friday, July 19, 2013

At This Week's Farmers' Market: the July 20th Edition

Rockport Farmers Market Totes. Photo by Mary Z
Batter Up Bakery, creator of delicious cookies, will be back this week. Rumor has it that freshly-made mint tea will be on hand, along with fresh produce and all sorts of other good things to buy. And eat. Last week's market saw the debut of our Farmers Market tote. Stop by to pick one up  -- it will enable you to shop knowing that you are responsibly using a reusable bag AND do the responsibility thing in style!


Wally's Blackburn Bistro
Seaview Farm
Prides Osteria
Sullivan's Sugarhouse
Ma's Tomato Marmalade
Brothers' Brew
First Light Farms
Home Grower's Wheelbarrow
Rockport Festivals Market booth
Batter Up Bakery