Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mini Motif Scavenger Hunt

A very creative staff member at Toad Hall Bookstore: a living Motif!
One of the more recent Motif No. 1 Day traditions is the Mini Motif Scavenger Hunt, where small versions of the Motif (with creative license of course) are placed all over town. Festival-goers are given a sheet of clues and sent off to find each Motif. It changes from year to year (though a few favorites will always be found) and there have been mini Motifs made of steel, paper mache, wire, driftwood, twigs, painted plywood -- and one year there was a Motif with superhero figures attached to it! A classic version is the living Motif outside of Toad Hall (okay, that one doesn't really need a clue in order for you to find it). Impressive!

Make sure you plan to take part in this year's Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, May 19th, and if you are feeling creative and want to contribute a mini Motif to the hunt, send us an e-mail!

Outside of Renata Fryshara's gallery on Main Street