What is Rockport Festivals?
Rockport Festivals developed out of a desire to make downtown Rockport come alive with outdoor, community-oriented events featuring food, music and art. Two festivals are held each year -- Motif No. 1 Day emphasizes the arts and Rockport HarvestFest emphasizes local food. Each festival is scheduled to take place the weekend just before and just after Rockport's traditional summer season. We seek to partner with existing businesses, civic groups and cultural organizations to reach our shared goals of bringing out the best in Rockport! We are a volunteer group and could always use a few more people to come on board and be a part of the festivals in Rockport.

The Team from A to Z

Heather Atwood
A writer with a deep understanding of real food & those who create it, mother to two brilliant daughters and proprietor of Howlets, a house with more personality than most people.

Christine Bobek
An artist, agent for social change, and an art educator.

Ross Brackett
Maker of unbelievably good pastries, brewer of unbelievably good coffee, new father and Rockport mover and shaker.

Sarah Kelly
Writer and stylist of sorts, likes design, old things and Rockport. Preoccupied with domestic life and events that build community and get people out of their houses.

Darren Mason
Talented web and graphic designer ranging from Texas to Massachusetts, regular host of Rockport Festivals meetings in his inspiring design studio.

Nina Samoiloff
Sculptor and artist, former retail shop owner in the heart of Dock Square.

Stephanie Woolf
Musician and advocate for music education, Stephanie is also a dedicated Rockport gardener and grandmother.

Mary Z
Mary has spent just about the last 10 years in the non-profit realm working in program management, event planning and marketing."