Tuesday, June 25, 2013

At This Week's Farmers Market: Mary White

Week Two of the summer Rockport Farmers Market offers a great lineup. Between the Garden Talk series, the music and the vendors, it is a can't-miss market. And remember: rain or shine, the market goes on...the second most dependable thing in Rockport, next to the meter maid! ;)
The Garden Talk aspect of the market will take place at 11 a.m. next to the Rockport Festivals Market Booth (look for the Farmers Market banner). This week master gardener Mary White will be featured. She is one of Rockport's own, and can be found all over town (when she is not working at our beloved Toad Hall Bookstore), engaged in organic gardening.

Mary has been an organic garden professional for the last 12 years, so her experience is extensive. Farmers' Market attendees who are lucky enough to catch her this coming Saturday will enjoy an interesting discussion on the ins and outs of organic gardening, with topics ranging from making your own compost to learning  tips for successfully growing tomatoes.

The Garden Talk series is informal, interactive and fun, providing a great opportunity to learn from people who have been growing food and flowers for a long time. For more on how to contact Mary White about her business, White Gardens of Rockport, click HERE.
See you Saturday at the Farmers Market!