Thursday, May 23, 2013

The 2013 Motif 1 Short Film Festival Results!

Wow! What a great first year for the first Motif 1 Short Film Fest! We had some great submissions, ranging on topics from the launch of an Essex-built schooner to the legend of the Gloucester Sea Serpent. The following eight short films were chosen for the first Motif 1 Short Film Fest:

Launch Day of the Schooner Ardelle
by Len Burgess
What do You Love About Cape Ann?
by Mike Kelly
BomBom Butterflies
by Kim Smith
Gloucester Sea Serpent
by Doctor Colonel Gonzo
No More Gloomy Sundays
by Robert Newton
New England Blood
by Dylan/Ladds
Homemade Parade
by Emile Doucette
Thacher Island Nature Reserve Sunrise

by Ron Rismen

Two screenings were held at the annual Motif No.1 Festival in Rockport, one on Friday, May 17th and another on Saturday, May 18th, with Twin Lights soda courtesy of Rockport's own Thomas Wilson Beverage Co. at both screenings. Viewers were asked to vote for their favorite film (if they felt so inclined -- voting was entirely optional). Across the ballots all the films received great feedback, with one voter checking off every single option with the comment that each one was a favorite. But in the end, two films emerged as the front runners with both receiving the same number of votes.

Rockport Festivals is pleased to announce that two films received the inaugural Motif 1 Short Film Fest People's Choice award(s):

Homemade Parade by Emile Doucette & BomBom Butterflies by Kim Smith

Again, thank you so much to those of you who submitted your films and attending the screenings. The overwhelming sense at both screenings was that each film captured a sense of place and we already can't wait to see the creative takes on life on Cape Ann that will emerge from next year's short film fest submissions.

If you haven't had yet had the chance, please take a look at all the films and follow the work of the filmmakers, some of whom are just starting their work (like the great stuff coming from Rockport's own Mike Kelly) and others of whom are releasing films this year (like Kim Smith, whose film premiers on June 21st at the Cape Ann Community Cinema in Gloucester).

Enjoy watching this year's winning films, featured below, and make plans to be a part of the 2014 Motif 1 Short Film Fest!