Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 is Here!

Our beloved Motif No.1, rendered in chalk at last year's Motif No.1 Day.
We are already well into the new year, and Rockport Festivals is gearing up for a fantastic 2011!  Mark your calendars now for Motif No.1 Day on May 21st and Rockport's Harvestfest on October 15th.

Both events were fantastic last year and each one featured a different aspect of Rockport. Motif No.1 Day focused on our artistic heritage, with events taking place in multiple mediums and an emphasis on interactive activities.  HarvestFest was a chance to celebrate the local food scene with delicious food from Cape Ann and a bit beyond (anyone try the Cabot Cheese? Yum.). But this year promises to be even better, with the opportunity to build on last year's success and become even more integrated into this amazing community in which we are blessed to either live or visit.

Won't you join us? We are offering Sponsorships for 2011. Your support goes to fund programming for both festivals, and once you sponsor, your business will be listed throughout the entire calendar year. We also need community volunteers and organizations to partner with us - just let us know how you would like to be involved! Click the Sponsorship link, above, or e-mail us at

See you downtown!